Alongside classic Long Arm beers Birdie Flipper, IPA OK, Lucky Penny & Shadow Wolf, we have ever-changing bespoke brews on tap which dabble in rebellious flavours. Our past brews have included a 6% cookie beer, created with a Belgian malt, chocolate and vanilla, a 6% American IPA with notes of mango, papaya and peach, and a German-style lager including a refreshing and unfiltered 4.5% and a 5% black lager with a splash of dark malt.

Birdie Flipper Red Ale / 4.5 % abv

Flipping the bird, the middle finger wave, the rigid digit, or quite simply “up yours”. Whatever you want to call it, this one fingered salute is strictly for your taste buds. This rebellious, full bodied Birdie Flipper is going to get them raging. Pacific hops, wheat, and roasted barley pack this aromatic red ale full of interesting flavours and aromas. But don’t just drink it alone, give someone else the finger too.

Maris Otter, Crystal, Roasted, Cara Red, Rye.

Pacifica, Pacific Jade.

Darker brew with sparkles of a purple red hue.

Malt, dark chocolate, hints of roasted coffee, blackcurrants and soft citrus.

Deep flavours of roasted coffee and toffee, gentle bitterness and long hoppy, toasty finish.

Lucky Penny Pale Ale / 4% abv

Find a Lucky Penny, drink it up, and all day long you’ll have good luck. Give Lucky Penny to a friend, and your luck will never end. OK, so maybe we can’t guarantee good fortune, but your taste buds are about to get lucky. Admiral and First Gold hops, brewed with malted barley and little wheat give this incredibly quaffable ale Ale tonnes of UK hop aroma and flavour. Just don’t put this penny in your shoe.

Maris Otter, Crystal.

Cascade, First Gold, Admiral.

Clear, light straw pale ale.

Fresh citrus and green apple notes with hints of hops.

Refreshing and easy drinking session Pale ale. Hints of oranges and honey on the pallet.

IPA OK American Style IPA / 5.5% ABV

Legend has it, NASA engineers coined the phrase “A-OK” for radio transmission tests as the sharper sound of “A” cut through the static better than “O”. This seems a fitting story to accompany our fresh, full flavoured tribute to modern American IPAs. The addition of US hops give this A-OK IPA a tropical fruit explosion with a sharp, bitter finish that should cut through the most static of palates.

Maris Otter, Crystal.

Cascade, Chinook.

A clean amber that you would expect from IPA.

Sweet and hoppy aromas resembling tropical fruits such as mango and passion fruit.

Strong, bitter IPA. Sweet ripped tropical fruits such as Passionfruit, mango and grapefruit.

Shadow Wolf Smoked Stout / 5% ABV

Shadowy stout as dark as night. The eagle-eyed shadow wolves track smugglers along the Arizona-Mexico border. “Cutting for a sign”, these highly skilled hunters use age-old techniques to patiently track, then apprehend their targets. This smoky brew with hidden notes of dark chocolate, coffee and spiced mandarin will catch you when you’re least expecting. Careful out there, this big, bad wolf packs enough punch to blow your house down.

Marris Otter, Smoked, Chocolate, Roasted, Oats.

Bramling Cross.

Dark, black ruby.

Creamy and smoky notes with hints of tangerines, chocolate and smoke.

Strong malty flavours with a smoked aftertaste. Intense dark coffee and chocolate.